Simplify the adoption of Augmented
Reality and Virtual Reality for Enterprises.

Fabrik works with enterprises to leverage immersive technologies and
achieve business excellence across verticals.

Augmented Reality is available on smartphones and tablets.
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Electric motor

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Interactive, configurable and
collaborative AR & VR.

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How It Works

Fabrik is a plug-and-play platform that allows users to create 3D experiences, visualise in
Augmented or Virtual Reality and collaborate with teams through immersive sessions.

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3D walkthroughs with a few clicks - Gandalf (the Wizard) is an authoring tool to custom-create walkthroughs on 3D models, animate them and publish this information in realtime.

Visualise the walkthroughs in AR or VR - Mark (the Evangelist) provides walkthroughs created on Gandalf and empowers users to resolve issues independently.

Work with remote teams during AR or VR sessions - Expert (the Team Player) enables multiple participants on any smartphone, tablet, smart glasses or head-mounted devices collaborate in the same immersive session.

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