A living knowledge repository for enterprises

Fabrik creates digital twins of high-value systems enabling teams manage across multiple sites as well as drill-down to individual components in the value chain.


Engineering enterprises

Engineering enterprises

High-level aggregation of multiple sources of knowledge across sites, and low-level integration of data and information for each individual asset.

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High-value systems

High-value systems

Intelligent guides to mission-critical assets having frequent maintenance with thorough checklists, and remote certifications.

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An inter-generational library

An inter-generational library

A digital history of knowledge for systems that run for many decades - a person who designed the system 20 years ago shares information with a person who will maintain it 20 years from now.

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Digitising experience

Digitising experience

Across sectors, experienced teams have tacit knowledge that is not captured in manuals, or anywhere else. With Fabrik, the never before seen knowledge is captured, and shared across relevant audiences instantly.

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The last software you'll need!

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Viewer + Editor = Viewer + Editor =


CAD drawings, service manuals, sensor data, remote expert access, and peer knowledge - viewed as an immersive experience.

A self-help system for any business user to compose complex process flows for quick-and-easy delivery and consumption.


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Success Stories

Our customers love what we do!

Cross-device compatibility
Fabrik just works across multiple devices - plug-and-play with minimal optimization. This allowed our teams to use the application seamlessly across platforms.
Babila Ramamoorthy Change & Innovation Leader (A Leading Aerospace Company)
Fabrik's hardware agnosticity enables our service teams to leverage the capabilities of digital twins allowing our technicians to instantly access the right information of field deployed assets.
Sanjeev V Sarma Technology Manager (A Leading Automation Company)
Interactive knowledge management
Fabrik's focus on last-mile interactive knowledge delivery has been immensely beneficial to our quest for novel knowledge management solutions.
Varun Chauhan VP, Finance Transformation (A Leading Investment Bank)

Experience a new dimension

A journey in transforming silos of information into a digital, living library where generations of teams can seamlessly exchange knowledge.