What is common between instructions, millennials, and EVs? They are digital-first.

Full disclosure – written by a millennial.

This is true for all sectors of the economy. Due to this demand and partly due to progress in technology, you find auto sectors moving toward a greener future, the rise of hybrids, and the wide adoption of electric vehicles. Customers are conscious of the social and environmental impact of their purchase habits. Under such circumstances, providing paper-based manuals for users and service technicians go against the customer’s preference leading to loss of brand value and trust – to do the right thing. I have never looked through the 200-odd page user manual in my car’s dash (except for the 3 free service coupons), and I’m fairly certain more than 80% of millennial car owners have not either. So why bother printing millions of these manuals for users (and for service technicians – a story for another day) who don’t read them, and don’t like the environmental damage these manuals cause?

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Solution User manuals on your smartphone, and no, not a PDF. It’s a handy, interactive, and personalized version of the user manual for each buyer. From seeing your car as a 3D replica to getting instant help on car problems, the interactive user manual replaces flipping pages or (doom) scrolling through PDFs with the 3Rs:

  • right information at the
  • right time in the
  • right format.


  • 3D views of exteriors and interiors.
  • Hotspots with rich multimedia.
  • AI-assist for more information about components, and warning lights.
  • Digital twin of YOUR car.

Value to the brand

  • The first (of many) steps in connecting with the millennial generation of customers.
  • A direct connect with customers.
  • Long-term brand value and trust improves with a greener transition, more revenue, and appreciation.

Write to us at hi@fabrik.space for digitising your manuals today!

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