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Fabrik revolutionizes the traditional paper-based standard operating procedures (SOPs) into digital work instructions that puts all documents, manuals, and drawings at the operator’s fingertips in form of 3D Visual Immersive Experience.

Digital work instructions

Traditional Paper-Based Standard Operating Procedure (Sop) Documents Have Evolved Into Digital Work Instructions. They’re Precise, Actionable Procedures For Tracking A Day’s Work Across The Factory Floor And Ensuring That All Relevant Tasks Are Accomplished In The Proper Sequence.
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Key Challenges

  • Conventional 2D manuals are out-dated and field knowledge is not captured accurately.
  • Most of the complex information cannot be visualized in a few pages.
  • These manuals wind up being thousands of pages long for managing industries
  • Without accurate knowledge, asset maintenance today is reactive, expensive, and time-consuming with repeated occurrences of faults.


Quick and Easy
Bridge the knowledge gap using immersive AR/VR training modules and improve retention/recall.
Incorporate digital field-data gathering forms into your work instructions.
An assessment at the end of each training to evaluate knowledge capture and retention of trainees.


All work instructions are accessible in both online and offline modes via smartphones and/or tablets.
Enhance worker safety, efficiency and responsiveness leading to increased first-time fix rate and zero unplanned downtime.
Immersive augmented reality experiences without programming expertise

We offer

  • Knowledge Distribution model
    A revamped knowledge distribution model that is independent of people’s (trainers) availability.
  • Employee assessment repository
    Builds an employee assessment repository with historical assessment, and insights into improvement areas.
  • On-the-job Digital work instruction
    Lays the foundation for on-the-job digital work instructions to further digitize the knowledge distribution mechanism across the organization.

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