Lack of proper documentation access to technician in the field while maintaining activity
Technical risks associated with maintaining the mission critical equipment.
Inadequate asset tracking and management, resulting in a lack of accountability and downtime.

Solution :

Create a unique and smart documentation process which is handled digitally by all technicians across all functions and processes.
An asset record with information like breakdown history, environment and performance parameters, OEM documentation.
An asset preventive maintenance model with MTBF and MTBO for each asset in the grid.

Features :

Access to real time location of goods both outdoor and indoor.
Enhances the existing inventory management system by providing inventory scan information.

Benefits :

Communication, project, and knowledge management are all made easier with this collaboration tool.
Lever for integrating and optimising cross-functional and cross-national business processes

Value Proposition :

Higher asset uptime with notification for impending failures of assets.
Projected generation capability on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual timescales.
Reduced cost of generation, and the total margins.