Integrated Command Centre for Smart Cities

KM in Smart Cities Command & Control Centre

Problem Statement :

The integrated command and control center have been a fixed geographical location with no options for users to move it to another place. There are no options to expand the facility, expand the team, and generally make it a scalable center for many decades. With the digital infrastructure becoming easily accessible and economical, the integrated command and control center can be digitized and virtualized such that it is accessible on-the-move.

Solution :

-- A VR integrated command and control centre that takes dashboards from multiple ICCC subsystems to display in virtual reality.
-- A collaborative option to allow multiple VR users to participate in the same VR integrated command and control centre.

Benefits :

-- There are no limitations on the number of screens, the size, and there are no restrictions on expansion.
-- A large team that was physically restricted by space can now access the command and control center on their smartphones or laptops at home, and get insight into any critical activities, and take appropriate actions.
-- With a digital-first approach to the command and control center, teams can be remote, but can collaborate like they would in the real-world through conference immersive collaborations.

Value Proposition :

-- Eliminates video wall, and all associated investments
-- Low maintenance costs as compared to video walls