Retail Metaverse

Key Challenges

Unreliable Supply Chain Planning

From component suppliers to production facilities, the supply chain was heavily impacted by the pandemic. Retailers lack an effective sourcing strategy that influences their inventories and deliverables.

Poor Inventory Management

Retailers face the challenge of constantly re-calibrating inventories and purchasing plans based on high-demand products. According to research, inventory management in the retail industry is just 63% accurate.

Personalized User Experience

In today's world, brands must engage with customers wherever and however they wish. For a successful multi-channel shopping experience, retailers must offer consistent, innovative, and live up-to-the-trending product features, pricing, and customer experience across all the channels.


  • Digitize the store layout
  • Immersive customer experiences
  • Digital twin
Reduce the time
Fabrik aims to reduce the time taken to visualize store fitout. It showcases an augmented reality layout to the customers, who can quickly accept it.
Procurement process
It initiates a procurement process for inventory and materials, as well as the complete fit-out process.
Digitize the inventory
AR/VR tool that digitizes the inventory using LiDAR 3D scanning devices. They bring a virtual engaging experience to the users which makes the product alive in their devices.
E-commerce experience
It takes about a couple of minutes to scan a product (subject to the right environment conditions) and these 3D products can be pushed to the cloud for an ecommerce experience.

Enable brands and retailers to develop high-quality immersive and engaging user experience of products in AR/MR/VR on all media

What we offer

An AR shell space scanner to lay out the floor shape, dimensions, and other key parameters.
It compares them with existing floor plans to get a nearest match of a planogram.
Centralized Tracking: Upgrade to tracking process that allows automated reordering and procurement features.
Demand Forecasting: Integrates financial and sales data to help you forecast demand and plan orders based on changing client preferences, material availability, or seasonal trends.



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