Key Challenges

Lack of Expertise

Medical devices require meticulous maintenance that only few certified profressionals are able to perform.

Tacit knowledge

There is a critical need to make device management knowledge more transparent, easy to access, understandable, and actionable.

Siloed systems

Hospitals lack radio imaging equipment and servers to communicate data to other doctors or clinics which results in siloed information.


  • Digital Maintenance Training
  • Remote Digital Assistance
  • Maintenance Digital Twin
Digital work instructions
Digital work instructions to help the healthcare workers understand the process easily and intuitively.
Certified service technicians
Certified service technicians can use digital work instructions to do a job more efficiently, quickly, and without errors.
On-demand trainer
A remote expert and on-demand trainer for one-to-many training sessions with 3D interactions and annotations for effective communication.
Augmented reality application
The augmented reality application improves maintenance by having a sequential array of information that can be perceived easily. Thus providing remote assistance and better knowledge management.

Medical devices are critical systems for improving lives, and require meticulous maintenance that only a few professionals are certified to perform. And when these devices fail, patients lose life-saving treatment.

Fabrik's immersive digital twins help transform critical equipment and IoT data into digital twins for device health monitoring & predictive maintenance.

What we offer

Virtual built-in assistance to standardize medical device maintenance and make them accessible.

Easy-to-use platform with AI assistance that enables specialists to keep digital work instructions for medical personnel up-to-date.

Automatic optimization of healthcare services for just-in-time maintenance.

Provides end-to-end visibility.

Remote collaboration with expert surgeons via interactive on-screen instructions to enable primary healthcare in remote areas.



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