Healthcare Metaverse

The lack of supply of certified talent combined with post-pandemic uncertainty has made maintenance of medical devices challenging. Fabrik solves this challenge by digitising the medical body of knowledge and providing access to the right healthcare at the right time.

Key Challenges

Lack of Expertise

Medical devices require meticulous maintenance that only few certified profressionals are able to perform.

Tacit knowledge

There is a critical need to make device management knowledge more transparent, easy to access, understandable, and actionable.

Siloed systems

Hospitals lack radio imaging equipment and servers to communicate data to other doctors or clinics which results in siloed information.


  • Device Maintenance
Digital work instructions
Certified technicians achieve first time right repairs using Fabrik.
On demand experts
Remote access to experts in the metaverse for quicker issue resolutions.

What we offer

Virtual built-in assistance to standardize medical device maintenance and make them accessible.

Remote collaboration with expert surgeons via interactive on-screen instructions to enable primary healthcare in remote areas.



Quick to implement


Digitized manuals


Higher productivity


Zero code


Learn how we do it

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