Conventional SCADA systems are complex with hardware units and dependent modules that do not provide reliable asset health visibility. Fabrik  increases reliability by making asset health accessible and easy to understand for field teams.

Key Challenges

Asset maintenance

Mission-critical equipment are expensive, and deployed in hostile environments making physical access difficult for routine maintenance.

Tacit knowledge

Due to lack of a unified knowledge repository field teams end up reinventing the wheel for many problems at-site.

Limited SMEs

Subject matter experts(SMEs) are few, but end up visiting sites often, and that is an inefficient use of their time.


  • Operational Digital Twin
  • Maintenance Digital Twin
  • Digital Work Instructions
Aggregate critical data from multiple sources into a unified platform.
Right information at the right time for technicians to take corrective resolutions.
Technicians can arrive from alerts to resolutions without additional support.
Rectify anomalies by tracking asset health throughout its lifecycle.
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Guided workflows to understand standard operating procedures.
Just in time visual instructions by subject matter experts to field technicians.

What we offer

Bridge the knowledge gap by connecting subject matter expert to the field technician in the metaverse.

Incorporate your field data in a digital format into the asset’s lifecycle.

Feasible solutions to increase productivity at all levels of the value chain.



Quick to implement


Digitized manuals


Higher productivity


Zero code


Learn how we do it

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