Automotive Metaverse

The modern automotive industry is constantly under pressure of rapid and disruptive changes. From production to dealerships, every sector is gearing themselves for the future of mobility.

Key Challenges

Production Planning

Plant data is in conventional 2D format and often not accessible for decision making.

Production Inefficiency

Manual errors in the production line along with physical data transmission between systems, increases production inefficiency.


Lack of High Quality Auto-Service

There is a high inconsistency in output quality which breeds distrust leading to frequent auto recalls, and pilferage of auto parts.


  • Manufacturing Digital Twin
  • AI Assisted Maintenance
  • Digital User Manual

Monitor each stage of the manufacturing process and rectify errors as they come to reduce delays in the production line, poor quality goods, and recalls.

Complete database of immersive maintenance instructions.

Enable technicians to scan and recognize error codes through their smartphones/tablets.

Get access to corrective maintenance for real-time errors.

Transition from conventional paper-based user manuals into an intuitive car experience.

Personalised experiences to enable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to have a direct relationship with car owners.

What we offer

Easy-to-use no code platform that allows rapid iterations aiming to rectify errors in real-time for predictive maintenance.

Audio visual aid through VR & AI-assistance to improve user experience in identification of warning signs and accessory operations.

A step-by-step immersive guide that replaces an on-the-job paper based instruction manuals.

Easier to monitor the performance of the production unit and increase efficiency.
Add an audit trail to understand mistakes that can be corrected proactively to ensure lower error rates.



Quick to implement


Convert Manuals


Productivity benefits


No coding required


Enter the metaverse