AS9102 FAI based QMS into digital work instructions for aerospace manufacturer

There is a gap in understanding when engineers read documents and implement them.
Document-based manuals are difficult to maintain, update, and distribute efficiently.
These documents must be reviewed for each plan separately, and there is a high risk of inaccuracy or missing data.
This results in a redo situation, which delays the product's delivery to market, reducing market share and profitability.

Solution :

A step-by-step guide/workflow that replaces a paper based instruction manual.
Changes are tracked, updates are easy and quick to share, inaccuracies are rectified, redo is eliminated thus resulting in increased profitability.

Benefits :

Reduces the amount of time it takes to incorporate design or manufacturing changes into work instructions.
Common job instructions can be reused in a myriad of contexts.
See instructions for better understanding and quicker execution.
AR based application which simplifies information in every step of the process.

Features :

Unified information dashboard consisting of 3D drawings, animated visual instructions, vision-based verification, and remote assistance in real-time.
A user-friendly interface for creating and showing 3D work instructions.
Inter generational library of knowledge to ensure there are no discrepancies between the in field technicians across all functional areas.

Value Proposition :

Transform instruction distribution through digitisation thereby improving the speed of work, optimisation of cycle time, and sequencing of steps.
Improve output productivity and quality by transitioning users from book-based instructions to visual instructions.