Digital twins for retail

Be it a physical store, or a virtual one, there’s a significant amount of planning to that goes into every fixture to determine the margins for every product placed on the aisle. This activity today is a manual process where store clerks use paper printouts to match every aisle with the corresponding plan. This is tedious, time-consuming and requires a lot of back-and-forth with centrally located planners. The products typically change dimensions in the last minute making it hard for store clerks to accurately map product placement with the planned placement. The information relay is also delayed since the store clerk cannot know until populating the entire fixture if the planned-to-actuals mapping is accurate or if there any discrepancies. And this happens at every fixture in every retail store.

Fixture-level planogramsClick here to watch on YouTube

Make the entire exercise real-time and visual, thereby eliminating the multiple back-and-forth between all stakeholders. By mapping each fixture at a store a digital twin, planners have a view of various fixtures and the populated products in real-time along with the deviation of planned versus actuals. And the plan can be fixed in real-time for store clerks to act upon immediately without the need of going back-and-forth.

BONUS - This extends well into the realm of personalised retail experiences at an individual level based on user preferences and purchase history.

-- Digitised planograms with end-to-end SKU tracking.
-- Track product movement through the store from the shelf to checkout.
-- Personalised retail experiences based on historic purchases.
-- Real-time collaboration between store clerks, central planners, and brands to ensure stakeholder alignment.
-- A unified system that enables omni-channel phygital retail experiences.