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Step-by-step verification

Reopening closed maintenance tickets are expensive, both in cost and brand reputation. In most instances, these are unforeseen errors that are avoidable through better oversight and methodical verification at multiple levels. Since procedures with critical machines are long-winding,

HEMM maintenance optimization

Commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance of complex equipment involve aligning people, time & resources across multiple teams and geographies over many weeks or months. This leads to long downtimes and high total cost of ownership.

AR Product experiences

Most people are unable to visualise products, places, directions, concepts, etc. they want to purchase or experience. Even worse, they do not understand the features, capabilities or benefits since they cannot effectively have a mental visualisation of the product.

Asset lifecycle management

Lifecycle of a complex equipment starts from the design phase, moves through manufacturing, deployment, assembly, operations, maintenance and end of life transition. In this lifecycle, operations and maintenance phases are the longest. Our activity in these phases determine the lifecycle of the equipment as well as it’s performance.

In-flight cockpit simulation

The commercial aviation sector flies millions of people on thousands of flights everyday. Occasionally, there are incidents occurring in a flight and they are extensively recorded for an on-ground analysis.Today, ground analysis teams utilise multiple computer screens to recreate the pilots’ view of the cockpit at the time of the incident.

Skill training and evaluation

Working on factory floors, shipbuilding ports, offshore oil rigs or inside mines require coordination of many thousands of workers following strict processes to keep themselves and their coworkers safe while working with heavy, complex and hazardous materials and equipments.

Retail fixture planograms

Retail stores/superstores are centrally planned for upto 30 stores by a planner. These activities happen seasonally, on special occasions or in a matter of hours depending on time of the year. There are multiple stakeholders during this process: the planner, the brand and the store manager.

Retail - the new normal

Most people are avoiding crowded areas like malls, retail stores, etc., but continue to expect the same kind of in-store guided experiences. Retail, especially sporting goods, hobby stores, furnishings, auto parts and the general DIY segment face these challenges.