Backend Developer

We ideally need someone who loves working on a long-term product, but also likes to dabble in experimental coding and prototyping. We need someone who can handle coding for a large scale product, and is happy working independently and being self-motivated. You should also be able to prioritise tasks to work on the most important aspects before just the fun stuff.
You should also be in the habit of writing well-documented, clean code, to be able to pass successful projects on to other developers to iterate upon and flesh out. You should have a keen interest in keeping up to date with modern coding practices. We love to see creativity and experiments, especially with WebGL/Three.js for stunning visuals on the web.
Knowledge of Python and Computer Vision
WebGL/Three.js is a plus.
Working knowledge of C/C++.
Working knowledge of Javascript

More information about the internship:

Understanding of Computer graphics or game development
Experience with WebAR/WebVR (collectively WebXR)

Most important:

  1. Out-of-the-box thinking
  2. Proactive executioner
  3. Loves building great products
  4. Smart worker


  1. Awesome team.
  2. Will get to work on the cutting edge of AR/VR.