Aircraft Incident Analysis

The problem

The commercial aviation sector flies millions of people on thousands of flights everyday. Occasionally, there are incidents occurring in a flight and they are extensively recorded for an on-ground analysis. Today, ground analysis teams utilise multiple computer screens to recreate the pilots’ view of the cockpit at the time of the incident. As a consequence, the impact of the analysis is limited and ground team does not have access to the physical conditions within the cockpit.

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The Solution

Create the cockpit environment in virtual reality with complete simulation of its behavior using in-flight data on untethered VR headsets. In addition, the simulation application is installed on the cloud, enabling multiple analysis teams (separated by geography) to participate in the same VR environment simultaneously. Our customer is now empowered to have teams from multiple geographies to run simulations and collaborate with each other to understand pilots’ physical constraints at the time of these incidents. This feeds back into their pilot training ecosystem in the short run and into cockpit design in the long run.