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Step-by-step verification

Equipment maintenance process validation quickly and at-scale

Reopening closed maintenance tickets are expensive, both in cost and brand reputation. In most instances, these are unforeseen errors that are avoidable through better oversight and methodical verification at multiple levels. Since procedures with critical machines are long-winding, complex and often involve many people, it becomes impossible for one person to ensure all work is done correctly all the time, in the first attempt. Validation of the job done reduces occurrences of reopening closed cases. And all validation should happen in real-time to ensure time is not spent on further coordination between multiple stakeholders.

Fabrik enables such verifications at a step-level of a maintenance procedure. Fabrik takes multiple approaches to achieve near-zero procedural errors through verification and one of these methods (refer image) is through experts (from various stakeholders, in any geography) verifying the process in real-time using a combination of augmented reality, digital twins and collaboration. Fabrik utilizes multiple systems-based verification mechanisms that are automated and we will discuss them in subsequent use-cases.

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