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Skill training and evaluation

The problem:

Working on factory floors, shipbuilding ports, offshore oil rigs or inside mines require coordination of many thousands of workers following strict processes to keep themselves and their coworkers safe while working with heavy, complex and hazardous materials and equipments. To address this, training today has taken the form of classroom sessions and in some instances, a skill evaluation test before employees are on-the-field. This poses serious risks in-terms of lost productivity, high down-time and most importantly, injury or death to workers who do not follow the process outlined by the industry. The process should be second nature for employees and current learning/training framework does little to help this cause.

The Solution:

For our current customers, we’ve simulated processes like LOTO (lock-out tag-out), working at heights, workplace transport, working in confined spaces, etc. along with appropriate virtual work environment (close to the actual workspace). In addition to simulating the entire training exercise in VR, we support multiple languages and when needed, enable trainers and trainees to collaborate in the simulated environment. At the end of the exercise, trainees are expected to give a test that determines if they are ready for field activity. The analytics of test takers give customers an idea of trainees performances including areas of bottlenecks that require more attention.

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