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Retail fixture planograms

The problem:

Retail stores/superstores are centrally planned for upto 30 stores by a planner. These activities happen seasonally, on special occasions or in a matter of hours depending on time of the year. There are multiple stakeholders during this process: the planner, the brand and the store manager. Today, the planner gives high level instructions (at the level of a spreadsheet) to store managers while planning a fixture and they use tools like photos, messaging and emails to arrive at an acceptable population of fixture. There are multiple back-and-forth communications that goes on between the store manager and the planner until there’s consensus, and this cycle repeats between the store manager and the brand. A majority of the planner’s time is spent on this back-and-forth.

The Solution:

With Fabrik, the planner populates fixtures either manually or based on pre-planned tables exported from 3rd party systems/ERPs and visualises in virtual reality. Our product gives the planner an overview of achievable business milestones with current plan and updates sales/revenues/margins live as planner changes the layout of fixtures. Once finalised, planner will share the populated fixture as an AR entity that a store manager can visualise on the store floor. All stakeholders will collaborate simultaneously in a combined AR/VR session and finalise on the fixture. After all stakeholders are onboard, the 3D object of the fixture is placed next to the actual fixture for comparison and store manager populates the actual fixture. We see encouraging responses from early customer engagements.

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