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Retail - the new normal

The problem:

Most people are avoiding crowded areas like malls, retail stores, etc., but continue to expect the same kind of in-store guided experiences. Retail, especially sporting goods, hobby stores, furnishings, auto parts and the general DIY segment face these challenges. Ecommerce doesn’t work specially in these areas as they are high-value purchases, and customers do not get a sense of the product’s size and dimensions - as a consequence, return rates are much higher. In addition, the product comes as a knocked-down version with a DIY manual, and long/convoluted assembly processes confuse customers who do not know if it’s the right size/shape until they assemble it.

The solution:

Augmented reality becomes the mechanism to provide in-store retail-like experience for consumers shopping from home. Consumers can experience each product in their day-to-day home environment at actual scale and speak with a sales rep as they would in the retail store for any questions. With on-screen annotations, the sales rep could explain the product more thoroughly for customers to understand better. And finally, once the product is purchased and arrives in a box, customers can use step-by-step instructions through augmented reality to assemble their products and again, dial-in for any further assistance. Fabrik thus enables zero-contact sales for retailers ensuring business continuity while enabling consumers retain and in many cases enhance their product purchasing experience.

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