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HEMM maintenance optimization

Heavy Earth Moving Machines’ (HEMMs) optimization on cost & time at
the time of commissioning, maintenance, and repair.

Commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance of complex equipment involve aligning people, time & resources across multiple teams and geographies over many weeks or months. This leads to long downtimes and high total cost of ownership.

Here’s a typical maintenance routine for Heavy Earth Moving Machines (HEMMs) for customers in mining. HEMM engines have a lifespan of 15,000 operating hours with routine engine overhauling every few thousand hours of operation. On average, it takes between 6–8 weeks for the entire process of diagnosing, repair/replace and commissioning. Of these 8 weeks, 2–3 weeks go into just identifying the problem whereas actual fixing of the problem takes the remaining time.

With Fabrik, the customer is able to reduce the 2–3 weeks of effort into 2–3 days thereby reducing overall maintenance downtime by 25%. Activities that would previously take an entire week can be done in a matter of hours with Fabrik’s immersive and collaborative capabilities. This translates directly to higher bottom-line impact for businesses managing a fleet of HEMMs since the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is reduced significantly.

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