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Equipment lifecycle management

Equipment maintenance process validation quickly and at-scale

The problem:

Lifecycle of a complex equipment starts from the design phase, moves through manufacturing, deployment, assembly, operations, maintenance and end of life transition. In this lifecycle, operations and maintenance phases are the longest. Our activity in these phases determine the lifecycle of the equipment as well as it’s performance. For optimal performance, routine maintenance should be thorough and as per schedule. For our customers however, unplanned maintenance leads to significant loss of productivity and makes it expensive to maintain. This problem is exacerbated if the equipment is deployed in remote locations with scarce access to spare parts and high travel times. For our customers and our customers’ customers, reducing down times is critical and our solution addresses this challenge through:

The Solution:

1.Digital twin visualisation — with deep integration into customer’s ERP and backend systems, we get real time information about equipment’s health and display that as an augmented digital twin for the operator in-field, while working on the machine or doing first level maintenance. This enables the operator to understand the part of the machine that has high temperature or high fluid pressure and our solution walks them through remedies to bring this variables under control; without having to call in an expert or turn off the machine.

2.Remote expert collaboration — following visualisation, if there is a serious problem, we immediately patch a remote expert to share the augmented reality session where they have an audio/video link and have the ability to annotate instructions on the screen in real time.

A powerful combination of digital twin visualisation and remote collaboration reduces equipment down time significantly and our early engagements are quite encouraging.

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