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AR Product experiences

Customers experience your product before hitting checkout

3D model credits - Steven Grey.

The problem:

Most people are unable to visualise products, places, directions, concepts, etc. they want to purchase or experience. Even worse, they do not understand the features, capabilities or benefits since they cannot effectively have a mental visualisation of the product. Think about white goods — how it works and how to fix it, smart home appliances — how do I change the ambient light, how my flat will look like, navigating to the right store inside malls, premium apparel — how does it fit me, etc. While these are varied products, the underlying challenge is the inability to visualise them and make informed decisions.

The solution:

A virtual product experience using augmented reality delivered as a website. Your customers experience your product as an AR digital replica right in-front of them instead of or in addition to photos and videos. Along with a preview of your car, you can further animate the 3D models and add rich multimedia to provide a captivating product story for your customers, ultimately making the purchase decisions much simpler.

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