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A collaborative, cloud-hosted Augmented and Virtual Reality platform for enterprises.

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Create your own content

AR or VR, jump onto Fabrik's immersive editor to create and deliver bespoke experiences.

Cloud-hosted content

All your XR experiences are just a URL away.

Thin clients

Experiences have a low compute footprint and works on light hardware devices.

How It Works

Los Angeles


Custom-create animated 3D models
(we call it Gandalf, the wizard)
It is an authoring tool to create walkthroughs using 3D models and animate them. This content is published in real time.
Los Angeles


Augmented reality for self-help
(we call it Mark, the Evangelist)
It provides AR walkthroughs and empowers users to resolve issues independently. All Mark content is created on Gandalf.
Los Angeles


Augmented reality for collaboration
(we call it Expert)
It enables multiple participants on any smart device collaborate in the same AR/VR session.


In-flight cockpit simulation

Immersive simulations of complex workplaces for analysis. Read more.

Immersive situational learning

Experience complex processes in a controlled environment. Read more.

Product lifecycle management

Design, deploy, operate and maintain using Fabrik's collaborative XR product suite. Read more.

Fixture planograms

Enable multiple stakeholders, across multiple platforms efficiently plan fixtures for retail superstores. Read more.

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